Child Welfare & Juvenile Justice

Locked Up: Overrepresentation of LGBTQ Youth in Detention

Tim Vallez

Los Angeles County Probation Department

Workshop Session #2

2:55PM - 4:00PM - 16:00:00

Session Overview

LGBTQ youth are over represented in the juvenile justice system. This work shop will explore the different avenues that LGBTQ youth enter the system. Identifying these entry points is critical in developing appropriate interventions to prevent youth from entering the juvenile justice system, as well as providing for appropriate interventions if they are detained. A panel from the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, Los Angeles County Juvenile Health Court Services and The Los Angeles County Probation Department will be available after the presentation to discuss positive changes that have occurred and will also be available to answer questions.


Timothy Vallez is a 30-year veteran with the Los Angeles County Probation Department in the Residential Treatment Services Bureau. Mr. Vallez has a myriad of experiences within the Bureau ranging from direct supervision to advocating in the best interest of the youth through the judicial process. Mr. Vallez is also an ardent advocate for LGBT youth in detention. In addition to working for probation, Tim works as an Associate Clinical Social Worker for La Fuente Hollywood Treatment Center. La Fuente is a leader in LGBT focused substance abuse treatment. Mr. Vallez has served on the joint County of Los Angeles/City of Los Angeles LGBTQ Domestic Violence Task Force and the LGBTQ Youth in Detention Task Force, the LGBTQ Youth Advisory Council, and is a board member on the Los Angeles County LGBTQ Child Abuse Council. He is a 2012 graduate of the LGBTQ Los Angeles Police Department Community Police Academy and is certified to train County of Los Angeles Probation staff in “Working with LGBTQ Youth”. He has presented on this topic as a guest lecture at CSULA, UCLA and CSUN, as well at the international level. Mr. Vallez graduated from the University of California, San Diego in 1988 and graduated from California State University Los Angeles with a Masters of Social Work in June of 2016.