Keynote Speaker

Screening of the award-winning documentary Becoming Johanna

Jonathan Skurnik

Youth & Gender Media Project

Keynote Session #4

3:45PM - 4:50PM - 16:50:00

Session Overview

Award-winning documentary film director Jonathan Skurnik will introduce and screen his film, Becoming Johanna, about a trans Latina who faces rejection at home and school. After Johanna finds a foster family who love her and an alternative school principal that takes her under her wing, Johanna graduates and thrives. The screening will be followed by a panel discussion and Q&A about how to enhance positive outcomes for trans youth of color in the foster care system and elsewhere. Panelists will include Johanna, her DCFS case worker and her high school principal, moderated by Judith Sandino, Director of Foster/Adoption at Penny Lane.


Jonathan Skurnik is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, educator, and activist. With the Youth & Gender Media Project, Jonathan serves as an ally to the trans and gender expansive youth community, making films and curricula which help schools and other institutions serving youth to create inclusive environments which celebrate all manifestations of gender identity and expression.