Keynote Speaker

My Many Colors of Immigration

Carolina Rubio-MacWright

International Rights Speaker/Lawyer

Keynote Session #3

1:30PM - 2:45PM - 14:30:00

Session Overview

In the past few years the negative rhetoric about immigrant communities has been feeding fear and ignorance, resulting in an increase in hate crimes not only against immigrant communities but especially against those in that community which identify as BLGBTQ.  The cost of this narrative is much greater than we realize, as it not only forces people back into the shadows but it weakens the bonds between safety nets in our community, such as our educators, police, court systems, doctors, etc.  The keynote will address how different factors like cultural background, taboos, and immigration status can greatly impact an individual's sexual identity development. The speaker will use stories from immigrant Dreamers, non-immigrants and practitioners that illustrate the complexities of the immigration process as seen through different lenses.    As part of the 10 year anniversary celebration, the keynote will include a participatory installation in the lobby. The attendees will be invited to participate in the installation by writing down wishes/dreams onto colorful ribbons that will be hung and displayed for the duration of the event. The installation will be a collection of dreams of all colors and sizes representative of a more inclusive, diverse and loving future as seen by our EDGY family.


Carolina Rubio MacWright is an artist, immigration attorney and activist. She was born in Bogota, Colombia where she lived until, at the age of 20, she needed a safer place to call home. She attended art school and law school in the United States, and throughout was active in her local community. She has worked as an immigration attorney in Miami, Oklahoma and New York City. Her experience as an attorney opened her eyes to the realities of the broken American legal system. She believes that art is often the most powerful way of explaining life. She has thus mixed her law and art experiences into performances and workshops that serve a dual purpose - empowering vulnerable communities and educating more powerful ones. From campaign work for non-profits to performing public art pieces, she believes anything is possible when inspiring ideas and passionate people come together. She lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.