School Based: Safe Schools, Neighborhoods, and Housing

Building an Ally Culture

Anthony Eftimeo

Anti-Defamation League

Workshop Session #1

9AM - 10AM -

Session Overview

The goals of “Creating an Ally Culture” are for participants to: (1) identify experiences that have shaped who they are, their assumptions about other people, and their view of the world; (2) increase their understanding of the different perspectives that exist in any situation and the potential of one’s perspective to influence thinking and behavior; (3) increase their understanding of the impact of name-calling, bullying and other bias behaviors on LGBTQ community; (4) increase their awareness of name-calling and bullying incidents by understanding the different roles people play and the behaviors associated with each role; (5) develop and use a variety of  responses to challenge incidents of name-calling and bullying; and (6) better understand the specific role of being an ally and will develop skills to be an effective ally to targets of name-calling and bullying especially LGBTQ individuals.  This highly participatory workshop will allow for important discussions among participants, facilitated group learning and the practicing of new skills to create and sustain safer spaces for LGBTQ and all youth.


Anthony Eftimeo is the Assistant Education Director for the Anti-Defamation League Pacific Southwest Region. Anthony helps oversee the Anti-Defamations League anti-bias and bullying prevention programs under the A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE PROGRAM.